The history of baranggay Dacudac

Narrator:Once upon a time, there was a man with his daughter from Leseb who went to Ampontoc near Bagoyos, Mankayan, Ben- guet in search of a job.

Gatan(Man): Gannay wake up we need to travel and find a job for us to live.

Gannay(Daughter): Yes father, will it not be dangerous in that place?

Gatan: I don’t know but we need to be careful on the way.

Narrator: When they reached the place, they min- gled with the people and in their socialization, some people of the place were attracted to the gold teeth and ring of the girl.They coveted the ring but she did not like to give it, and because of her refusal, they killed her. The father wept and went back to Leseb to tell the incident to his barrio folks.

Gatan: My friends those people killed my daughter we were just finding a job but they were very eager to get the gold teeth and the ring of my daughter said Gatan and cries heavily.

Narrator: Upon hearing the incident, the people of Leseb got mad, gathered their people, and prepared their weapons to wage war on the people of Ampontos for vengeance. The following day, the people of Leseb trekked the trail from their community to Ampontoc and upon reaching the place, waged war and killed the warriors and people of Ampontoc They beheaded those whom they killed, and carried the heads on their way home to Leseb.

People of leseb: let’s go to that place and revenge for our friends daughter. Let’s get there heads and put it in our place lesseb.

Narrator: On their way home, they came upon a cave where they decided to rest and perform a ritual to celebrate their victory.People of Lesseb: Let’s rest first here and perform rituals and celebrate for our victory.

Narrator:The ritu- al called “dacudacan” involved the playing of gongs and drums, the stomping of feet, and shouts of “dacdacudac,” which means victory. From that time on, the inhabitants of the place adopted the name DACUDAC.