Month: April 2016

Marlboro to Blue Soil Sagada

Marlboro to Blue Soil Trail of Sagada Kamanbaneng Peak is one of the higher peaks in Sagada bordering Alab. Some things to know about this place are: First, it’s a great camping ground; second, if lucky, one can spot some wild horses here, hence the name Marlboro Country. Also, it’s a great alternative to  the often …

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Binangi: A past reconstructed

Binangi: A past reconstructed By: Felomina Lisweg- Daskeo Long before our ancestors heard of nails and concrete, they were able to construct sturdy houses that could withstand the strongest typhoons with whatever available materials that they could find in the forest, like sticks, lumber, cogon grass and vines. These houses were called “binangi”, others call …

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