The family’s settlement in Pabis


The Legend of Bauko

[Scene: The family’s settlement in Pabis]

Narrator: Once upon a time, in the lush region of Ilocos, there lived a brave couple named Padoka and Adian. They had fled their homes and found solace in a narrow plateau called Pabis, south of the majestic Mt. Am-o. Little did they know, this would mark the beginning of a tale that would shape the future of their descendants.

[Padoka and Adian are seen working together, planting root crops and tending to their makeshift home]

Narrator: To survive in this wild and untamed land, Padoka and Adian relied on their resourcefulness. They planted root crops and Padoka took on the role of a skilled hunter, providing sustenance for their humble family.

[Padoka sets a trap and catches a live pig. He is delighted, but Adian pleads for its release]

Padoka: Adian, look! I’ve caught us a pig, finally some meat!

Adian: (gently) Padoka, spare the poor pig. Let us domesticate her and she will provide milk and future generations of pigs for us.

[Padoka relents and spares the pig. Time passes and the pig multiplies, becoming a valuable asset to the family’s livelihood. Padoka and Adian are blessed with two children – Opeg and Daocan]

Narrator: As years went by, Padoka and Adian’s children grew. Opeg, their son, was named after a rare basket, symbolizing their prized possession, while Daocan, their daughter, was named after the star that brought them joy and prosperity upon the mountain Am-o.

[The family is shown living harmoniously, cultivating their land and living off their domesticated pig]

Narrator: Life went by peacefully, until one day, a pregnant sow went missing from their pen. Determined to find her, the whole family embarked on a search. It was Adian who eventually discovered the sow’s tracks leading eastward, towards the mountains of Kamanbaneng.

[Padoka and Opeg follow the tracks and eventually find the sow in a cave near a spring, surrounded by baukok trees]

Padoka: (excitedly) Opeg, look! This land is rich and fertile, with baukok trees thriving abundantly. We should move our settlement here.

Opeg: Father, you are right. This place seems to hold great potential. Let us build our new home near the spring and start cultivating this land.

[The family moves to the new settlement in Mt. Kiyapan, constructing their house and cultivating ricefields]

Narrator: The family flourished in their new settlement, with Padoka and Opeg working on the rice fields, while Adian and Daocan tended to other crops. Eventually, Padoka and Adian’s children married each other, and their clan expanded through migration and intermarriage.

[The village of Bauko flourishes, with citrus trees being propagated in abundance]

Narrator: As time passed, Bauko grew into a thriving community, known for its bountiful harvest and particularly its citrus trees. Though the land changed and trees were cut down for development, the memory of the baukok trees remained, leading the descendants of Opeg to name their land Bauko, in honor of their ancestry.

[The story ends with a shot of modern-day Bauko, showcasing its citrus tree orchards and vibrant community]

Narrator: And so, the legend of Bauko lives on, a testament to the resilience and determination of Padoka and Adian, and the fruitful legacy they left for generations to come.


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