The Death Bird

Script : The Death Bird

NARRATOR: There is a family where they live in Mageymey.They live there with there grandparents and they have only one son . They have either a wide garden, many chicken, and a 2 cow. The father’s name is Bolantog , the mother’s name is Josephin, and the son is Kiing.

Every morning Bolantog always checking there garden if there’s some got destroyed.

Bolantog: Kiing ya ilam abes lolam isa tanay emeyak ilan nan garden ed Madanat tanay permi ed wani nan bigis di mola.

(Kiing watch youre grandmother there beacuse ill be going to Madanat to check the garden cause all the worms are becoming worse)

* Bolantog walk away to the house to go to there garden*

* But Kiing stop him to tell something*

Kiing : Aw ama…Yan ay anggay dinmakel nan molam ay ama aw. Tano dinmake adi ya entako apiten dagos ta adi kabigis.

(Yes..father but did the plants grow so well. And If its ok then lets to pick them before they will not get destroy)

Bolantog: May santok to ibaga no sinmiken danta ilak ken inam no umali manlugam.

(Yes..I will tell it to you if plants get grow and let me see if youre mother will come to pull the roots)

*The father continued to walk away*

NARRATOR: After 6 months of waiting the plant grow (repolyo)

Bolantog said to Kiing to prepare early in the morning so that they can harvest all the cabbages . After they harvest the cabbages they will transfer it to the bag (sako ) to sell it to Gawa.

Bolantog: Ayeh!…Nay mayat kayman yatnay sinmiken ya dagos adin kadadael si kabigibigis …Ala!..Bakwaem eht sa ta enta iyey ed gawa.

*The father sighs*

(Ayehh..the plants get grow so very well and got didnt worms…Then..hold that so that we can get that to Gawa)

Kiing : Aw…

( Yes Father)

*Kiing get all the bags to move it to gawa *

NARRATOR: Suddenly Joasephin appear to gave them some drink and tell them for dinner.Josephin: Ala umali kayot ta sapay yo iyey sa ed Gawa .

( Come here the two of you before you go to Gawa)

Kiing : Amaa!… Aykiya kanot ta entakot mangan kanan ina.

( Ftaher!..Ltes go now for dinner )

*Kiing and father stop and they go to home for dinner*

NARRATOR: Kiing and Bolantog go for dinner and after dinner they will prepare for transportation of the cabbage to went it to Gawa for selling them.

Bolantog: “Tano malpas na enka ayagan si inam.”

( After this go see youre mother to come )

Kiing : “Ay amma ay naka ilila kas nan pitpitok kano ay dakdakel adey tapos man pukpukais no way natey.”

( Father do you know this bird that has a big size and shouting if theres a dead perosn)

Bolantog: “Wada ngem idamag mon lolam nay adik malagip no sino san kanan dasa ay pitpitok. Maga polos naka ilila sa ya adin madetngadetngan isan igid ana da”

( I know that but ask to youre lola because I cant remember now they call that..but theres no any people see this bird around )

NARRATOR:Josephin go to gawa to see Bolantog and Kiing and tell to kiing to go look her lola . Prepare there food for Dinner .

Josephin: “Kiing enka ilan si lolam ta sublatak sika sa ya man uto kas dinengdeng”

( Kiing go see youre lola to cook for dinner)

Kiing : “Aw”

( yes )

NARRATOR:Kiing go home to prepare the dinner. While cooking he also communicating with her lola but Kiing realize about the bird that called Kulisaw then her lola respond immediately after the story Kiing got shock because of what he heard about the Kulisaw.

*Kiing walking going home and thinking of the bird*

*Kiing open the door of their house*

*Kiing go straight to there kitchen to cook some rice*

Kiing: “Lola way damagek man..ay ammom man san pitpitok kanoy dakel adey”

( Lola I have a question… do you know the big bird?)

Lola: “Aah..aykiyah sina ta istoryaek ta sapay gedan mauto inapoy ana..”

*Kiing move forward going to her lola and listen the story*

Lola: “San pitpitok kano anay dakel ya adin kaila ya keg nangisit kano na eht wada san apoapo anay ay anggay matmatey gapo sinan sakit na anay..sin labi anay wada nan apo na ay sinmalolong eht nalabian ..edi pagawid kano wada naila sinan kakaiw ay keg dakel di itsura na tapos man silalang nan mata na anay.. ngem egay na pinansin..sit sin pagawid kabegaw kano nay keg na kak anan ay …Kuliiiisaaawww.. ngem keg kalin di amama ay nasasakit kano..eht idi nagawid nan apo na anay inmey na inila nan apapo na anay ta ugasan na ngem nay kano naila nat ay man titidek nan awak na ya kinapkap nan awak nat nay sin wakas na inistolya na sinan kailyan nay wada kano pitpitok ay amo na no waday matey..ya man pukpukais ay mankalkali si Kulisaww”

( This bird is big and theres no one have seen it and this have a color black…and theres a old man that is now really nearly to death because of his night theres his grandson that go to the garden but he got home very late..when hes walking going home he spot a big identity and a red eye ..but he didnt care…but when hes going home there someone shouting and telling “Kulisaaaaaawww”..but it sounds like an oldman that is very sick..and the grandsom got home he go straight to his lolo to wash him but when he feel it his very cold …and after the death of his grandfather he tell to his kabaranggay that theres a bird that knows if there is a dead..and shouting like a human.)

Lola: “Eht siya di pinangadanan das kulisaw gapot sinan begaw na anay”.

( And They named the bird kulisaw because of the sound)