Legend of bedbed

Narrator: Long time ago their was a man Named Panday and his wife named Liwayway. One day in the morning, Panday wake up earlier and ask his wife to make him a coffee.

Panday: baket! Ibangon mo ta mantimpla ka kud si kapik ta umey ak ilaen bosaang.Translation: Liwayway wake up and make a coffee for me,

Liwayway: aah, aw lakay ta man timpla ak si kapim.Translation:(Yes, I will make a coffee for you)

Narrator: After Panday drunk his coffee, he changed his clothes and wear his boot and go to his pig nearby his house. When Panday arrive to the cage of his pig, he was shock because his pig was missing. He thought that it was stolen by someone.

Panday: asusss into py din baboy ko cna. Translation:( Where is my pig here)

Narrator: Panday thought that it was stolen by someone.

Panday: cnun nang akaw py Iman sin baboy ko cna. Translation: ( Who stole my pig right here)

Narrator: Panday run to inform his wife that their pig was missing. And his wife was surprised to.

Panday: ay bakett! Apay di ta maga din baboy sidi mo. Kaman Dan inakaw yuh.Translation:(Why isn’t the pig there? It’s like stolen by someone?

Liwayway: sino? Ay tetewa San ibagbagam?Translation: ( What? Is that true?)

Panday: aw man ay baket, inilan din duwa ay matak et maga ya.Translation: ( Yes, I saw it with my two eyes)

Liwayway: Yan dey wada pay adi ud nasdem sin nangpakanak.Translation: ( But it was there yesterday when I feed it)

Panday:ma taynan ka Sina ta kadwaam din aanak ta umeyak anapen din bosaang.Translation: ( Stay here with our child, I find the pig)

Narrator: Panday start finding his pig, until he went to a forested area following the creek until he found his pig giving birth, but it was coiled by a snake.

PpPanday: ay suss cnuy iyat ko py Sina nay nabaledbedan c uweg Nan busaang ko mo, cnuy amagek ngata?Translation: ( What I’m going to do, my pig was coiled by a snake)

Narrator: Panday just sit down and pray for his pig that was coiled by a snake.

Panday: Kabunian ay wada ud daya sapay Kuma ta Nan uweg ya taynan na Nan bosaang ko.Translation: ( Lord please help me, I wish that the snake leave my pig)

Narrator: After his prayer, the snake move away from the pig. He was thankful to God that his pig was still alive.

Panday: Apo Diyos, iyaman en cka ta sinungbatam adawag ko.Translation: ( My god, thank you help me)

Narrator: Then after a while he gathered some fire wood and cooked root crops for his food and for his pig’s food. After eating he decided to build a small nipa hut where he slept over night. The following day he continued building his nipa hut until he finished it for two days. He went home and called his family to live him in that area due to the abundance, spring water as edible food as well as fertility of the soil.

Panday: baket! Nay sinmaa ak Translation:( I’m home Liwayway)

Liwayway: say sinmaa ka baw ya, Yan ay naanapam di bosaang? Translation:( You’re here, did you fine the pig?)

Panday: aw dey naanapak ay binalibedbedan di uweg imbag ta sinungbatan kabunyan din adawag ko.Translation: ( Yes I’m found him coiled by a snake, but God listened my prayer)

Panday: alaen u et amin din usar u ta umey tako sidi et ta sidi tako ay man tee tandey mayat si man tean, sapak di danum, ya luta ay mayat si panmulaan.Translation: (Take all your things we will go and lived there, because the the soil is good for plantation and clean water)

Narrator: There where they established “kaingin” for there sweet potato plantation that serves as there staple food.

Narrator: After three months when the piglets grown up and could be butchered,

Panday: Nay ingay nasiken Dan baboy ya, nay ingay mabalin ay maparti. Translation:(My pigs are enough to be butcher)

Narrator: Panday go to Pangkikan to called his neighbors to help him butchers some of his piglets and offered as thanksgiving party in honor to “Kabunian” for saving his pig from the snake.

Panday: Gatan!!! Umali ka ta umey ta partien din udom ay baboy kos di.Translation:( Gatan come and we will butcher some of my pigs)

Gatan: aah, apay ta manparti ka mo?Translation:(Why)

Panday: Manparti ak akas panagyaman en Kabunian.Translation: ( As a Thanksgiving to God)

Gatan: Awni sumed ka, ta man butas ak.Translation:( Wait for me, Im just wearing my boots.)

Narrator: after the Thanksgiving party they decide to named the place.

Panday: Cnuy mayat ngata ay ipanagan tako cna.Translation: ( What would be a good name for this place)

Gatan: cnu ngata kyman.Translation: (What should the good name?)

Liwayway: Panaganan tako si Bedbed et adi. Translation: ( What is we name it bedbed?)

Panday and Gatan: Apay ngin ta Bedbed?Translation: ( Why its Bedbed?)

Liwayway:Gapo sin nabaledbedan ay baboy.Translation: ( Because of the pig that was coiled by a snake)

Panday: aw panaganan tako nas Bedbed.Translation: ( Yes we will name this place as Bedbed?)

Narrator: From time on, they named the place as Bedbed due to the pig that was coiled by a snake.

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