The Legend of Balaoa

A folklore of Balaoa’s mountains

Panel 1:Bal: Ay dindinngem nan istorya di bilig di Balaoa?(Have you heard of the folklore of Balaoa Mountains?)

Laoa: Wen, yaan nas grasya nan mangaywan si bilig.(Yes, the mountain spirit are said to bless those who respect the land.)

Panel 2:Bal: San pay sagrado ay talon?(What about the sacred waterfall?)

Laoa: San ayos di danum et makaagas,mangidawat si swerte.(Its waters hold healing powers, bringing luck to the bathers.)

Panel 3:Bal: Et san apapo tako ay adi kaila?(And the guardian spirit?)

Laoa: Padasen da nan puso di mangan-anap si sikreton di bilig.(They test the hearts of who seek the mountain’s secrets.)

Panel 4:Bal: Talaga ay mayat nan istorya di Balaoa(The legends of Balaoa are truly captivating.)

Laoa: Ipalpalagip na ay dayawen tako nan spirito ya ili ay baey tako.(They remind us to honor the spirits and the land we call home.)

Submitted to:

Sir Julius Jay Daskeo Jr.

Submitted by:

Nicole Untalan


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