A Woman who Came Alive – A Benguet Legend

Title: A Woman Who Came Alive – A Benguet Legend

•Setting: A lush forest in Kafagway, with ancient trees and mystical fog.

•Balong, a fearless young warrior with a tribal tattoo on his arm, traverses the woods.

Balong: (whispering to himself) Ibagbaga da ay adi kaanapan nagapoan di Kafagway. Masapol maamoak nan sungbat. (The legends speak of Kafagway’s mystical powers. I must find the answers.)

•Suddenly, Kasia, a mysterious enchantress with flowing silver hair, appears before Balong, surrounded by shimmering light.

Kasia: Sino nan makibibiyang si pagarian di Kafagway,mangan-anap si tetewa? (Who dares enter the realm of Kafagway, seeking ancient truths?)

•Balong drops to one knee, showing respect to Kasia’s power and presence.

Balong: Saken si Balong, mankedkedaw si suporta u ta maisalakan nan kakadwak. (I am Balong, descendant of the warrior tribes. I seek guidance to save my people.)

•Kasia’s eyes soften as she looks at Balong with wisdom and compassion.

Kasia: Nadngen di spiriton di Kafagwat nan kararag mo. Unudem nan danan sin ginawang et maanapam nan istorya di ili. (The spirits of Kafagway have heard your plea, young warrior. Follow the path of the sacred river to unlock the mysteries that shroud our land.)

•Balong nods, determination shining in his eyes as he prepares to embark on his journey.

Balong: Iyaman, unay apo Kasia. Manpasalamat ak sin insuro ta usarek manganap si Kafagway. (Thank you, noble Kasia. I will honor your teachings and restore balance to Kafagway.)

•Kasia watches Balong disappear into the mystical mist, her ethereal presence lingering in the forest.

Kasia: Sapay kuma ta iturong da ka,naturod ay Balong, et silawam kasin nan istoryan di nagapoan. (May the spirits guide your steps, brave Balong, and bring light to the shadows of our ancient folklore.)

•Balong’s silhouette can be seen in the distance, his figure blending with the forest as he follows the path of the sacred river, ready to fulfill his destiny and uncover the secrets of Kafagway.



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  1. 👋 This is an interesting legend I must say, it’s a good read po pero may kulang po. Bitin po ang kwento 🥲 and I still have a lot of questions about this legend therefore I would like to suggest po na baka naman maaring dagdagan ang kwento Kung pwede lang po. I want to read and know something about the beginning until the end of the story. 🤗

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