The legend of Pasnadan

Narrator: A long time ago, there was a couple from Dacudac who took care of pig. One day, one of their piglet was missing.

Toktokan: Into pay talaken ko ay baboy Sina et naey ma maga mo.(Where my piglet go)

Narrator: The couple followed the piglet’s footsteps until they found it in a certain mountain overlooking kayan, place full of rice field own from Dacudac, Bana-ao and Lenga. Toktokan the owner of the piglet, saw that his mountain has a great place to live in He Built vegetables, and fruits trees.

Toktokan: Baket into Ed duntog mayat si man beeyan sidi.( Translation: My wife let’s go there in the mountain the place is beautiful.)

Narrator:Then he brought his family with him and dwell in the said mountan. Months passed, Toglan of Bana-ao saw the nipa hut of Toktokan in the mountain Where he pastured caws and carabaos He decided to visit the nipa hut and met ToktokanToglan: Saw that place was good pasturedland so,he Told Toktokan.Another of story of Pasnadan

Narrator: Ed kasin, wada San man gayem si da Toktokan, Toglan ay (kayan) somalolog ay en man-sama e. Yan wada nan esay disso ay mayat si pan -ib -ibbayan da. (translation: Long time ago, there was a friend they named Toktokan, Toglan go to (kayan) to work. There is a resting place on their way to get rest when they are tired.)

Toktokan: Ay Toglan man ibbay ta Sina tan naey mayat si man tamangan.( Translation: Toglan let have a rest here it’s is a nice place to view)

Narrator: and they rest. Narrator:a. Et siya nan kanayon ay man sapsapatan da Toktokan, Toglan tunggal man-ibbay da, say omat dedan no man-isaada sin inapit da, et no dumateng da isnan disso ay makwani et (ipas-ad ) da Toktokan, Toglan Nan egen da et man ibbay asida pay kasin ituloy manikid. (translation: And that is where they always gather the Toktokan, Toglan to have rest and also a place to put their harvest when they reach that place. . So that place is called resting place which means ( ipas- ad) the Toktokan, Toglan. .To rest and continue thier journey until time past and they called that place (pas-ad) which means to rest. )

Narrator: Pinanaganan da Toktokan, Toglan ngrud nan disso ay sana si Pas-adan. No apy ay pas-adan di inpanagan da, tan sidi ay man pas-ad da no sumalolong yha sumaa da.(Translation: The reason why that place is Toktokan, Toglan that called Pas- adan because it is place where you rest when you go to the farm and also when you go home. )

Narrator: Da Toktokan, Toglan ay nan -amag su kalkalapaw na yhan nan rugi et sidi yhan ag-ayon nataptapyan san nan tee et nan balin si kitkitoy ay ili. Asida pay panagan si PASNADAN. Et sinay di nanbalinan din disso at dey inawagan das PAS-ADAN. Translation: The Toktokan, Toglan , decided to made a shade as his home in that place and other people followed him and they build houses in that place. That is the start how a small village begun to rise and they called it PASNADAN. This is how the place called resting place (pas-adan) became PASNADAN.

submitted by : Phoebe Ngangay

submitted to: sir Julius Jay Daskeo Jr.

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