How Bedbed got its name

Long time ago there lived a couple named Panday and Sugayoan at Pangkikan Balili.

One early morning he told her wife Sugaypan that he is going to the farm to feed their pig.

Panday: Malmalayad ay aswak man timpla ka kod isas kapik, ta man kapi ak umuna asak en man pakan. (My lovely wife please make me some coffee, so I will have coffee first before fedding the pig.)

Sugaypan: Aa may aw lakay ta itimplaak sika si nang ka asam-it ay kapi kaman din kadam-it di panag layad kon sika. (giggle) (Ok my dear I’ll make you a very sweet coffee like how sweet my love for you.) giggles

After drinking his coffee he immediately wear his boots and go to the farm. When he arrive at the farm he was very much surprised because their pig is Missing.

Panday:Ay ukinana! Into pay din busaang sina (What the h*ck?! Where did the pig go?)

He immediately run back home to tell her wife and ask her to help him find the pig.

Panday: Sugaypan! Sugaypan! doy magan busaang sidi ya! (Sugaypan! Sugaypan! our pig is missing!)

Sugaypan:Sino! ay sigurado ka?(What! are you sure?)

Panday:Aa na aw man aytan mo saken abe yan! aykat ta bumadang kat enta anapen ay. (I am sure of it!, just come and help me find it.)

They thought it was stolen by someone, however they wanted to prove so they tried their best to look for it. They went down to a forested area following the creek until they found their pig gave birth however it was coiled by a big snake,so all what they did was to sit down and prayed.

Panday: Oh diyos ko! Sinoy iyat mi et pay sina? (Oh my God! what will we do now) Sum ed kas na ay baket aw ta umeyak kagetad sin toktok di uweg aydoy ya, ngem no saken di kanen na tumagtag ka et ta sumaa ka. (Wait for me here my lovely wife I will go there to kill that snake, but if that snake will eat me then run away and go home)

Sugaypan: adi kod et ululay di kankanam tumugaw ka et ta man kararag ta. (Dont talk nonsense just sit down and let’s pray.)

After their prayer the snake move away from the pig. They were very happy and thankful from “kabunyan” that their pig is still alive.

Panday: Inbag ta uway na di ay kinmaan tan mo aga adi yan pinsek di. (It’s good that snake go away because if not I might kill it.)(laughs)

Sugaypan:Adi et ta man iyaman en kabunyan ta magay naiyat c lawlawa yan. (Why don’t you just thank God that nothing bad happened to us.)

Panday: Ay aw Inya, Iyaman kabunyan. (Oh! right, Thanks “kabunyan”)

After a while they gathered firewood and cooked root crops for their food and their pigs food. After eating they decided to build up a small nipa hut where they slept overnight.

Panday:Aye nay enggay ma labi ay baket ya isna ta et adi dedan ay maseyep. (It’s getting dark my love maybe we should sleep here tonight.)

Sugaypan:Aw et adi lakay. (Ok my love)

Panday:Iyama amag tana asi ta sumaa ta enta ayagan aanak ta isna tako et ay man tee. (When we finish this we will go home to tell our children to come lived with us here.)

The following day, they continued building their nipa hut until they finished it for two days.They went home and called for their children to live with them in that area due to the abundance of spring water and adible food as well as the fertility of the soil.

Panday:Aanak ko ay naka guwapguwapo ya napinpintas, iyamag u et usar you ta amey takos di ay man tee. (My handsome and beautiful children fix you’re things we will go their to live.)

Sugaypan:Aw tandoy sapak danom, ya mayat din luta, mayat ay pan mulaaan takos togi. (Yes because the water their is plenty and the soil was fertile it’s good for planting sweet potato..)

Children’s:Aw ama ya Ina. (Ok mother and Father)

There’s where they established “kaingin” for their camote plantation that serves as their satple food. After three months when the piglets have grown up and could be butchered, he called their neighbors at Pangkikan Balili to help him butcher some of his pigs and offered as thanksgiving party in honor to “kabunyan”for saving their pig from the snake.

Panday:Natataraki ay kaaruba ay magay amagen yos agsapa? (My cool neighbors do you have something to do tomorrow?)

Their neighbors :Apay kuma di mo padli? (Why do you ask brother?)

Panday:Tano maga kuma ya umali ka u sidi suni ta pan babadangan tako ay mang parti sin busaang aydoy. (Because when you have nothing to do maybe you can come over at the other side to help me butcher some of my pigs.)

Their neighbors:Apay ta man party ka ya padli? (Why will you butcher you’re pigs brother?)

Panday:Man party kami kuma akas panagyaman mi ay pamilya. (We will butcher some of my pigs as a thank giving party to “kabunyan”)

Their neighbosr:Aa ay siya baw, aw adi. (Oh, OK)

From this time on, they named the place as Bedbed due to the pig that was coiled by a snake. Bedbed derived from the word “nabaledbedan” meaning coiled. Barangay Bedbed is one of the barangays of the Municipality of Mankayan.