The room is filled with holographic displays showcasing historical events. ALEX, a young historian, is engrossed in researching the origin of a town called Tadian in the 21st century.

ALEX(Excited) Ohhh,I’m getting closer to uncovering the true story behind Tadian’s name! Alex’s holographic tablet buzzes with a notification. They check the message, revealing a breakthrough in their research.

RESEARCH NOTIFICATION”Hey Alex! I found an old video recording related to Tadian’s name origin. You have to see this!” Alex smiles and quickly accesses the video recording. *The video shows a bustling town called ‘ili”,People are engaged in various activities, including virtual cockfights.

ALEX(Intrigued)So, this is where it all began. A FOREIGNER, wearing a futuristic cowboy cloths walks through the town “ili” He notices the men playing roosters and approaches them.

FOREIGNER(Curious)Excuse me, can i disturb you I was just going to ask what is the name of this place?

THE MEN, not understanding the question, gesture towards the pointed part of the rooster’s foot.

THE MEN(Confused) sinu kak anan nay et adin ka aw awatan mo?ay din tadi di manok kan kanam? Tadi yan di manok sa The FOREIGNER, thinks it’s the answer to his question, nods.

FOREIGNER(Smiling)Ah, so this place is called “Tadiyan.”oh wow this place is beautiful am gonna note this.After that he continues to explore the place INT. VIRTUAL HISTORICAL ARCHIVE – CONTINUOUS Alex watches the video, fascinated by the connection between the past and present.

ALEX(Contemplating)It’s incredible how a simple misunderstanding shaped the name of the town. From “Tadi Yan” to “Tadiyan” and eventually “Tadian.”

Alex continues their research, diving deeper into the historical significance of Tadian after that he passed his research to their teacher

submitted by: Kaycee Diwas

submitted to: Sir Julius Jay Daskeo Jr.

Section: Crystal