Legend of Dacudac

Long time ago in a place called Leseb there was a man with a golden tooth and was a father called Gaban, together with his son Bawan.

In an early morning, at their house they were having their coffee.

Gaban: Anak ,enta makipuldiya tanay enggay bassit san nabay-an ay siping ta. Translation: (Son, we should go look for a job because we have a small amount of money now)

Bawan: Aw ade ama, ngem intu py di enta makipuldiyaan.Translation (Okay father, but where?)

Gaban: Ipadas ta ade ed ili tako aynay. Translation: (Maybe we should look around our village.)

Bawan: Aah aw ade.Translation: (Okay)

So after the two finished their coffee they get ready and set out to look for a job at their village. After some time, they finished searching their village but they couldn’t find a single job.

Bawan: Ama, sinuy iyat ta py? Nay niliwes ta san ili tako yan nay maga py lng d ubla si maila ta. Translation: (Father what should we do now? We searched our village but there’s no job here.)

Gaban: Enta man ila ed bangir ay ili.Translation: ( Maybe we can go to other villages.)

Bawan: Aw adeTranslation: (Alright)So the two of them set out for a nearby village, but still there wasn’t a job there..

Bawan: Yan sinuy iyat ta py etTranslation: (What shall we do now?)

Gaban: Nay kaman agay pag asa na et ay maka inap ta yah.Translation: ( I think this is hopeless now..)

Bawan: Ade ka mamagaan c namnama ama, wada py lng san tapina ay ili yan. Enta ipadas ade.Translation: (Don’t lose hope father, there’s still other villages out there. We should go there)

Gaban: Aw adeTranslation: (Alright)Soon the two set out again for other village, but it was the same there. The sun is now setting and they’ve finally lose hope in finding a job and decided to go home.

Gaban: Anak, sumaa ta et.Translation: (Son we shall go home now.)

Bawan: Aw adeTranslation: (Okay)But soon after they decided to go home they met a man and that man overhered the conversation of the two about not finding a job.

Man: Nay nadngek san ibagbaga yu, way ammok ay lugar ay mabalin ay enyu makipuldiyaan.Translation: (I overheard your conversation and I might know a place where you can go to.)

Gaban: Ohh.. intu py sa?Translation: (Ohhh.. and where is that?)

Man: Wada san ili ay makwani ay Pilipil, baka maka anap kayo sidi c ubla.Translation: (There is a place called Pilipil and I think you can find a job there.)

So Gaban gave his gratitude and the man left.

Gaban: Anak, sinuy kanam py san ibagbagan di lalaki ay dey? Ay enta ipadas? Translation: (So son what do you think about the man’s offer? Shall we give it a try?)

Bawan: Aw adeTranslation: (Okay)

And so the two decided to go to the place. So they rested for the night and prepared for their journey and set off the next morning. After a long time of walking it reached lunchtime.

Bawan: Man ibbay ta ade ama, tanay nabbay ak yanay dwan ak nauwat.Translation: (I think we should rest now father, I’m tired and hungry.)

Gaban: Aw adeTranslation: (Yeah sure thing.)

After some time they had their lunch and had a good rest so they continued their journey once again. The two continued trekking until the afternoon and soon they arrived at their destination. And so they wasted no time and decided to go ask for a job, and in no time they were offered a job by a man ,called Malok.

Malok: Nay di ipaublak ken dakayoTranslation: ( I have a job for you.)Gaban: Salamat, ngem sinu py sas ubla ethTranslation: (Thank you, may I know it.)

Malok: Engkayo men kabitien san kadkad di payew ko.Translation: (Construct a stone wall at my rice field.)

The two accepted the offer because of the good payment. And so Malok guided them to his house where they ate and rested for the night. Time goes and the sun to rised, so Malok showed them the place they’ll be working at. There Malok and Gaban talked about the details and there Malok noticed Gaban’s golden tooth. And he took a liking to it.

Malok: Neh, nay nailak san balitok ay say ay bab am yan say kaman mayat mo. Ay ilaklakum sa?Translation: (So I noticed your gold tooth there would you like to sell it to me?)

Gaban: Pasensya adak mailako na tay enggay nas pangnem nemnemak isan parentes ko.Translation: ( I’m sorry but this tooth was from my parents so I can’t sell it..)

Malok: Aah ay sya baw, ngem ta ammom maalak amin ay laydek.Translation: ( I see, but you know I always have what I want.)

Gaban: ???And so Malok left Gaban and Bawan to do their work. Soon after a long day of working the two finished their wirks so they go at the house of Malok to get their payment. There they saw Malok drinking with a group of men.

Gaban: Apo, nay nalpas mi san ubublaen mi ay mabalin ay alaen mi et san puldiya mi.Translation: (Sir, we’ve finished the job so can we get our payment.)

Malok: Aw ade idwat ko ngem shat ka ade maki tagay en dakami Translation: ( Okay I’ll give it to you, but you should join us here.)

Gaban: Aw adeTranslation:(Okay)

So Gaban joined Malok and the others in drinking after Malok gave him their payment. Gaban, tired from working, slept after getting drunk. Unknowingly Malok had been planning this from the start just to have the gold tooth of Gaban. After Gaban slept they captured him, Bawan who noticed the event immediately hides from the men. And Gaban who was sleeping was brutally killed by the men just to get Gaban’s tooth. Bawan who is watching what happened ran away while crying back all the way to their village. After running back home Bawan arrived and talked to everyone what happened to Gaban.

Bawan: Kakailyan, natey si amakTranslation: ( Everyone, my father was killed..)

Villagers: Sinuy naiyat?Translation: (What happened?)

Bawan: Pinsen da Malok ay nang paubla ken dakami Translation: (He was killed by Malok who employed us.)

After talking about the details the fellow villagers of Bawan got very angry and decided to avenge Gaban. So they had their strongest warriors to go at Pilipil to avenge Gaban, leaded by Bawan they arrived at Pilipil where they saw Malok and the men drinking near Gaban’s lifeless corpse. Upon seeing this the warriors immediately took action against Malok and the men where they beheaded them.After griefing Bawan and the warriors trekked back home. On their way home they rested at a small cave. There they also preformed a ritual dance called ” Dacudacan “( a dance where people play gongs and shouts “dacdacudac” that means victory). Later on the place called Dacdacudac was later on adopted as Dacudac.

submitted by: Frankly Bilayan

submitted to: Sir Julius Jay Daskeo Jr.

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