Barangay Dacudac


Alunday – the father

Liwan – child

Cayat – the man who gave them a job

Men- taught where they can work


Get married

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man in Leseb who had golden teeth and was looking for work with his son. They were looking for work in their area but they couldn’t find any so, they decided to go to nearby towns but they still couldn’t find anything,

Man: I know a place where you can get a job, it’s just far away

Alunday (Father) : Where is it?

Male: This is in the Philippines located in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.

Alunday (Father) : Is that so, thank you very much, we are leaving

Man: be careful

 Narrator: Night came and they decided to go there the next day so they went home and slept. Morning came and they started to travel to Pilipil.

Liwan(son): Dad, I’m tired from walking, let’s rest in the cave..

Alunday (Father) : Alright, I’m tired too

Narrator: The two rested and decided to continue their journey, not long before they reached Pilipil. So they started looking for a job and there, an hour later a man approached them

Cayat: Are you lost?

Alunday (Father): We are looking for a job here,

Cayat: Is that so, I will offer you a job to carve a wall for the paddy field..

Do you like it?

Alunday (Father) / Liwan (son) : Alright, thank you very much

Narrator: The man notices the father’s golden teeth

Cayat: can I buy that gold tooth of yours?

Alunday (father): I’m sorry but I’m not selling it

Narrator: The man got angry and decided to leave the father and son to work, and after a few days the father and son finished the work and went to the man for their salary the man gave them their salary. However, the man still wanted the golden tooth so he spoke to the father again

Cayat: Can I buy your golden teeth no matter how many I give…

Alunday(father) : I’m sorry but it’s really not possible

Narrator: because the man was so angry that he made a plan, he offered them wine.

Liwan(Son): Father, don’t drink anymore, let’s go home and it’s getting late.

Cayat: let your father just finish work, we should have fun.

Alunday (Father) : Alright, I’ll just drink and we’ll go home later

Narrator: as time passed the father got drunk and the man continued his plan.

The man went to town to call his companions.

Cayat: Help me, that mold is bad, we must kill them.

Narrator: He convinced the people in their area so they rushed the man and killed his son, they tortured him, they made him drink his father’s own blood, tied him up and tortured him. After a few hours, the man and his companions enjoyed themselves until they were all drunk, when the son ran away and ran until he reached their village (Leseb).

Liwan(child) : Help me the Filipinos killed my father.

Villagers: then be ready and we will avenge your father.

Narrator: Everything they will use for their trip to the Pilipil Place is ready.

So the next day they took the road to Pilipil, the son leading the way

and the Villagers of Leseb followed him. They soon reached Pilipil and killed all they could kill. They beheaded people in the Philippines. After they were there, the native of Leseb went home.

Liwan (Son): Let’s rest in that cave. My father and I also rested here when we were going to the Philippines.

Narrator: During their rest they performed a ritual called “dacudacan” which included the playing of gongs and drums, the stamping of feet and the shouting of “dacdacudac” which means victory.

At that time there was a couple looking for a place to stay

Spouse: Can I ask more questions?

Liwan(Child): what is that?

Spouse: We are looking for a place to stay, if possible we will live here, does this place look nice?

Liwan(Child): Yes, you can

Spouse: what is the name of this place,?

Narrator: they talked first about what to name that place and they decided to call it Dacudacan in commemoration of their victory. Soon, the couple who stayed in the area had children and after time the population grew, and eventually the area Dacudacan was later adopted as Dacudac.

                            The End