The Legend of Tadian

In Tabeo there was a couple named Kaydud and Keeg they have a pregnant pig that is about to give birth. One day Kaydud and Keeg found out that their pig already gave birth but they are curious because there’s no piglets to be found.

Kaydud; into pay inmanakan nisa nay maid maila si anak na mo?(Where did that pig give birth, why we don’t see any piglet?)

Keeg; ta unoden ta no into nan umeyan na.(We will follow so we can find where did that pig gave birth)

Kaydud; ala kalga-am ngalod si sodas nan likod na ta unuden ta no into nang nangiyanakan na si anak na.(Ok put some “sodas” in its back so we can follow where did that pig gave birth)

They put “sodas” in the back of the pig then they fallowed the pig until they stop in “Danum” and found the piglets there.

Keeg; nay opay iman mayat nan naanapan nas umanakan na ya.(Wow…. The nice is so good that’s why she chose to give birth)

Kaydud; wen ngalod ado nan danum mayat tan asideg si payew adi ta paylang gumusa gusad.(Yes, your right it has many water it is nice because its near to the ricefeild we don’t need to go down)Mayat samet et no isna ta ay men tee.(I think that it is good to live here)

Keeg; wen wen maymayat et sina.(Yes, yes, its better here)

Keeg agreed because they are amazed to the place they decided to stay there and build a house for them to have a place to live. They build a family and live there until other people went to the place also because the place is beautiful.

Many years passed they already have a son named Gatan. Gatan have a rooster that has tadi on its feet. One morning his rooster flew away that’s why he begun searching for his chicken.

Gatan; tadi-an,tadi-an, into ka pay kruuut chaaa..(Tadi-an tadi-an where are you kruuut chaaa)

Gatan is looking for his chicken while shouting its name tadi-an. He always asks about his rooster every time he meet someone in the road.

Gatan; ay ading ay naililam din kawitan ko ay wada di tadi na sin siki na ya?(Excuse me did you saw my rooster my that it has tadi on its feet?)

Boy; manong wada nailak ay pinmapatapat sin kaew ed Kenkenta-an ya, way sidey adi nan kawitan ay an anapem. (Brother, I saw the rooster there at Kenkenta-an)

Gattan; ta anak kad ilan ay iyaman.(ok thank you I’ll go and see)

Gattan thanked the boy and went to the place that the boy told him which is called poruk “Kenkentaen”, then found some chicken poop below the tree that’s the time he assumed that the chicken flew in the tree and look up then found his rooster sitting there.

Years passed by, people decided to name the place Tadi-an because they started living in Tabeo and also because of the rooster who have tadi on its feet. They name Tadi-an and then the Tadi-an connect and it became Tadian.

Submitted by; Shiena Lee T. Lumin

Submitted to; Sir Jay Julius B. Daskeo Jr.