The Legend of Bauko

A narrow flat land, south of Mt. Am-o, surrounded by deep rocky canyons and dense forests. The settlement of Bauko starts with a couple, Padoka and Adian.:

Padoka, a strong and resourceful man, searching for a safe place for himself and his wife, Adian.( Si Padoka et napigsa ya iyan anap na amin para sin pamilya na, men an anap sisya si mn tean da kn asawa na ay si Adian.)

Padoka: Here, Adian, is where we’ll make our here because the land is flat. (isna, Adian, han mn mayat ay mn sapoan tas baey ta.)

:Adian, Padoka’s wife, looks around nervously, but trusts her husband’s decision. Together, they start their new life in Pabis, planting crops to survive.( si Adian et inila na din ili ay mn kebkebkeb, ngem wadan tiwala na sin disisyon di asawa na. Ed Pabis da sidi da ay nen rugi si baro ay biyag.)

:We’ll turn this place into our home, Padoka, no matter what challenges come our way.(Sapoen tako nan ili anay si baey tako, uray hinon mangyari ay problema sin masakbayan tako)

:As time passes, Padoka becomes skilled at hunting, providing meat for their growing family. One day, he catches a pig alive in one of his traps, intending it for food. (Sin napalpalabas ay tawen, si Padoka et naamoam na ay emey mn anop ta wada ipakan na sin pamilya na. esay agew, naka ala sisya si esay baboy ay natatago sin sinapo na ay pakat na ed bilig han balak na et emey nan ituen ta way ipangan da.)

Padoka: Adian, we’ve got meat for tonight’s meal! ( Adian, wadat ipangan tako ed wani ay lab!!i)

:However, Adian advises Padoka not to kill the pig for domestication, seeing its potential for the future.(ngem, Si Adian et inbaga na kn Padoka ay adinan pat-pateyen din baboy adey ta mataraken, ta ilan dan mn balinan na)

Adian: Let’s not harm this pig, Padoka. It could provide more than just one meal. ( Padoka, baybay-anta ta mabyag nan baboy ana, baka mn ited si ad ado ay ipangan bakn lang pang esa ay kakan)

[Their choice proves beneficial as the pig multiplies, becoming a valuable asset to their household. Soon, Adian gives birth to a son, Opeg, and later, a daughter named Daocan.]

Padoka: Opeg, our son, named after a rare basket for treasures. And Daocan, our daughter, the source of joy and prosperity for our family. (Opeg, Han nagan di lalaki ay anak ta tan,Han babae pai ay anak ta et Daocan)

:As the family flourishes, tragedy strikes when a pregnant sow goes missing. Adian finds the sow’s tracks leading eastward towards Mt. Kamanbaneng.:tragedy strikes when a pregnant mother pig goes missing. Adian found the mother pig’s tracks heading east towards Mt. Kamanbaneng. (Wadan nangyari,din masikog ay baboy et namaid. Si Adian et an anapen na din masikog ay baboy engana ed kamanbaneng)

Adian: Padoka, the saw went off towards Mt. kamanbaneng. We need to find her before it’s too late.(Padoka, Din masikog ay baboy et enmey ed sidi banda Mt. kamanbaneng. Masapol ay entakon anapen ta adidan mamaid.)

:Padoka and Opeg went to find the pig. They followed her footprints and eventually found a beautiful cave near a flowing spring on Mt. Kiyapan. The cave was surrounded by tall and leafy baukok trees. ( Si Padoka ya si Opeg et enmey dan inanap din baboy.Inunud da din gatin di baboy et naila da din mayat ay kuweba sin asideg di mn ay ayus ay danom di Mt.kiyapan. Din kuweba et naliliwes si ana anando ay kaiw.)

Padoka: This place, Opeg, it’s perfect for our family. We’ll build our new home here.( Opeg han ili anay et mayat sin mn tean, Men sapo tako si baey takos na)

:Padoka, Adian, Opeg, and Daocan were determined to find a new home near the spring on Mt. Kiyapan. They worked together to cultivate rice fields and take care of the land.

:As time passed, the children of Padoka and Adian got married, forming a strong clan led by Opeg. The community grew through migration and intermarriage, thriving in the fertile land.

:Unfortunately, the bauko trees, which were once abundant, started disappearing because people cut them down excessively to build homes.

:To honor the importance of the bauko trees and the prosperity they brought, the descendants of Opeg renamed their settlement “Bauko.” This name represented their resilience and the richness of their home.

Justin Rhay Tobe


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  1. Hello there, the story is impressive but as a reader I would like to say that there’s still missing in the story especially the part towards the end of the story and also the tone. I would like to suggest to spice up the story a little bit.

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