Origin of Balaoa’s Name

A story of how its Name is originally from a miscommunication between two languages.

First Panel

[Back to the day when colonization occurs, there were a group of Spanish soldiers that explored the depths of the mountains. During their expedition, they would stumble upon many villages of many different tribes whether Ilocanos, Igorot.]


Second Panel

[When another group of Spanish soldiers had an expedition towards the land of Mageymey. They had found a little village.]


[However, they were greeted with Igorot warriors armed with weapons such as shield, spears, and a bow. And then, between the warriors is the Tribe Elder.]


Tribe warrior: “Bantayan u dayda, ya peslen u dayda no umatake da”

Translation: “Guard them,also kill them whenever they attack”

*Spanish soldier held their weapons and faced the warriors. *

Spaniard soldier: “Qué debemos hacer, senor?”

Translation: what should we do, sir?

Spanish General: “Soldados!… baja tus armas.”

Translation: Soldiers!…Lower your weapon

Third Panel

[Each army was in serious looks to each other. The soldiers on their guard and steadied calmly, while the tribe warriors held their weapons cautiously .

However, The silence that surrounds them was interrupted…]


Span. Gen.: “como se ilama este pueblo, tu gente?!”

Translation: “what is this village called, you people?!”

*The warriors and elders were confused, they stared and asked question to each other.*


Tribe elder: inbaga na?

Translation: “what did he say?”

*asked towards the warrior*

Warrior #1: “ajak naawatan, kali da”

Translation: “I don’t understand their language”

Tribe Elder:”sapshapoen u sina?

Translation: “what are you doing here?”

*tribe elder asked the Spanish*

Span. Gen. : “Que”

Translation: “what”

Tribe elder: Hino?!

Translation: what?!

Span. Gen.: “uhmm…Cómo se llama este lugar?”

Translation: “uhmm…What do you call this village”

Tri. Eld.: “Hino?! Maid mag-ngek ya Maawatan!”

translation:What?! I cant hear and Dont understand you!”

Span. Gen.:” Que?..”


everyone: …

Fourth panel

[Due to their differences on their languagen, neither of them understand what they say to each other. In fact they use most of their time being confused to each other.]

*Both parties exchanging untranslated question*


>Fifth Panel

Span. Gen. : ‘sigh’, “que nombre…ilamas… este pueblo???”

Translation: “What name… do you call…this town???”

*Exhausted from asking*

*Asking with hand gestures*

The elder saw the spanish general’s hand pointing at something*

*faced it, walks toward it, take it*

Tribe Elder: “ay apo, panga bulodek muna ayayam mo, wen”

Translation: child, I’ll borrow your toy for a moment, yes?”

*child nods*

>Sixth Panel

[The Tribe elder hands over a wooden toy he took from the boy (where the spanish general points) to the Leader.]

Tribe elder: “ay sinay kakanam?”

Translation: is this what your talking about?”

*Tribe elder shows the Balbalwa*

*Spanish General is confused*

Elder: “balbalawa!”

Span. Gen.:” que acaba de decir?…”

Translation:”What did he just say?”

*The Spanish General asked his men*

Soldier no.1: “Creo Que es “Balbalawa”, senor”

Translation: “I think it is “Balawa”, senor”

Span. Gen.: “Balaoa”?…

*asks another soldier*

Soilder no. 2: “si, el senor”

Translation: “yes, sir”

>Seventh Panel

*The General was so happy that his question is finally answered*

Span. Gen: “entonces este lugar es “Balaoa”

Translation: “So this place is, “Balaoa”

Tri. Eld.: “adi Balbalawa”

Translation:”No, balbalawa”

Span. Gen.:” Si Abulelo, Gracias”

Translation:”yes, Grandpa, thank you”

*tribe elder confused*


*General being happy*


★ Eight Panel

*the warriors lower their weapon*


Warrior #2: “begew si man-iragragsakan danay sin balbalawa?”

Translation: “why are they so happy over that balbalawa?”

Warrior #3: “kaman met adi da umali man-ibaw ken taytako?”

Translation: “it looks like they didn’t come for a fight?”

*asked to Warrior #1*

Warrior #1: “ay nagngem kanan da”

Translation: “Did you hear what they say”

Tri. Eld.: “yatna!, ajak mag-nge, ipig-pigsam kalim kad?

“Translation: “what! I cant hear, will you speak louder?”

Warrior #1: Kaman adi da met umali maki-ibaw! Ay sino iyat tako?!

Translation: It looks like they didn’t come for a fight! What should we do?!

Tri. Eld.: “ayagan yu adi, alan u tapey ed sissa da ta inumen u”

Translatio: “invite them, go get the tapey and drink with them”

*warriors were happy*

Tri. Eld.: “aykio, tako et adi!”

Translation: “Come, lets go”

*the warriors invited them*

* the soldiers sheated their swords and unloaded their guns*

Span. Gen: “Q-que están haciendo ahora?”

translation: “W-What are they doing now?”

Soldier #2: “Creo que nos están invitando a algo.”

Translation: “I think they are inviting us over something”

Sol. Lead.: “tal vez nos estan invitando a balaoa”

:”Nosotros deberiamos ir,Además necesitamos información sobre este lugar”

Además no estás cansado?

“esta tribu balaoa es muy hos hospitalaria.

Translation: “Maybe they are invinting us to Balaoa”

“We should go, besides we need information about this place”

Furthermore arent you tired?

“this Balaoa tribe are so hospitable”

*The spaniards followed the tribe to mageymey*

*they prepared meals and tapey for a feast*


[Afterwards, the Spaniards and the tribe had an anido under the a big oak tree. They had conversation and showed their culture]

Ninth Panel

Moreover as the Spanish slowly takeover, civilization begun to change in the village, not just the houses language and clothing, but also the name of “Mageymey”, as a result for their miscommunication. The village is finally called “Balaoa”]





Group: Mageymey