The Story of Bungilay

Name:Joneal G Ngolaban.

Teacher: Sir Julius Jay Bayos Daskeo Jr.

Section: 11-Feldspar

Subject: 21st century literature

The story of Bungilay

Narrator: Ed nabaon wada san Isay lalaki ay men nagan si Bungilay. Hiya eth dakle san awak na sipay narawet sinan makan kaya nay maki i-inagaw sinan makan ay kain de simpoy ipogaw. (Long time ago, there was a man name Bungilay. He possessed enormous muscles and had an appetite capable of rivaling the consumption of ten people in a single day.)

Bungilay: Gatan umey ta kad ed Nawnaw ta umey ta apitin san Pagey (Gatan lets go to Nawnaw to Harvest the Rice)

Gatan: Wen enta (Yes lets go)

Narrator: Nen sagana eth Ngalod da Bungilay Ken Gatan eth anggay nirugyan day mandan. Idi wada da eth ed Nawnaw wada san isay hamon ay e-alis san isay bato ta wada sapoen day short cuttan. (Bungilay and Gatan start to move.When they are in Nawnaw a challenge arose to transport a massive stone intending to create a passage for a short cut.)

Limang lalaki: Ayie nay permi ay narigat san kaialisan de bato anay. (It’s hard to move this stone)

Narrator: Ede anggay aden kayan de limay Lalaki nen paila si Bungilay. (When the Five men give-up Bungilay appeared.)

Bungilay: Kumaan kayou ta ulay sakin san men eh alis sinan bato anay. (Leave I’m ganna Move this alone )

Limang lalaki: Lima kami eth ade me kaya ay eh alis yan tas kanam kayam ay isisam. (Five of us have struggled to move this stone, and you claim you can do it alone)

Bungilay: Wen kayak na ay eh alis. (Yeah I can do this)

Limang lalaki: Impossible abes kankanam ay. (What you said is Impossible)

Narrator: Ede ade da mammati binaybayan eth he bungilay san kankanan da sapay na inngato san dakedakel ay bato. (Undiscouraged by Their skepticism, Bungilay disregarded Their doubts and Carry the enormous stone alone)

Bungilay: Ilam kayak (See That)

Narrator: San limay lalaki eth nasdaaw da ede inngato Bungilay san Bato. (The five men shocked when Bungilay carry the Stone.)

Limang lalaki: Sinoy kankanem apay kayam de ay isisam (What did you eat to move that alone)

Bungilay: Basta mangmangan ak lang si adoadoy Bigas (I’ll just eat many Rice)

Narrator: Manipod Hinan agew adey han bato adey eth nenbalin eth si short cuttan para sinan ipogaw. (From the day onward, the stone served as a crucial shortcut for the villagers.)

Legends circulated about the stone’s size, with tales suggesting that it had been even larger in the distant past but had gradually diminished over time due to the erosive effects of rainfall, causing to shrink in size. Bungilay remarkable strength not only create a practical solution for the community but also earned him newfound respect and admiration . The tale of Bungilay strength and the stone’s transformation became a cherished story passed down through generations in the village a testament to the extraordinary power that lay within the unassuming man name Bungilay


Bungilay. The one who move the stone alone

Gatan. Friends of Bungilay

Limang lalaki. The five men that cannot move the stone