The bitoklo and twally

Title: The bitoklo and twally

[Opening shot of a bustling market in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, where vendors are busy selling their goods.]

Narrator: In the lively town of Cervantes, nestled among the verdant hills of Ilocos Sur, there lived two friends known as bitoklo and twally.

[Cut to bitoklo and twally, two young men with bright smiles, strolling through the market.]

Narrator: twally was known for his quick wit and adventurous spirit, while bitoklo was admired for his calm demeanor and thoughtful nature.

[Twally spots a vendor selling colorful fabrics and rushes over excitedly.]

Twally: Ari nanto daytoy nga panagdayaw, bitoklo! Diak tatta unay? (Look at these fabrics, bitoklo! Aren’t they amazing?)

Bitoklo: Saan nga agsangsangit, Ambit. Ngem awan ti aglalo ti bakit tayo ditoy.

Bitoklo: Ania ti ay-ayam mo, twally? Narigat ken naiwaras. (They certainly are, twally. But let’s not forget why we’re here.)

[They continue walking, passing by various stalls.]

Narrator: The two friends were on a mission to find the perfect gift for their friend’s upcoming birthday.

[Bitoklo spots a beautiful handmade necklace and gestures towards it.]

Bitoklo:Bitoklo: Ania ti ay-ayam mo, twally? Narigat ken naiwaras.( What do you think of this, twally? It’s elegant and unique.)

Twally:Hmm, am-ammok nga narigat, ngem adda koma tayo nga makatulong. Ited ti panangisardeng. (Hmm, it’s nice, but I think we can do better. Let’s keep looking).

[They browse through more stalls, examining various gifts.]

Narrator: As they searched, Ambit and Ambot encountered challenges and obstacles, but they faced them with determination and teamwork.

[Twally accidentally knocks over a display of pottery, causing a commotion.]

Twally: Ay-ayaten, aba! Pasensya, amin!(Oops! My apologies, everyone!)

Bitoklo: Agbalinak ket tulonganak pay, twally.

[They work together to tidy up the mess, apologizing to the vendor.]

Narrator: Despite their differences in personality, bitoklo and twally complemented each other perfectly, their friendship strong and unbreakable.

[Finally, they come across a small artisan workshop tucked away in a corner of the market.]

Bitoklo: Ari nanto daytoy a napanday a kawayan a figurines, twally! Napintasda.(Look at these handcrafted wooden figurines, twally! They’re exquisite.)

Twally: Wen, napintas da ken napinpintas ti karakterda. Addaak met a nagannak a maibigda iti daytoy.(Yes, they’re beautiful and full of character. I think our friend would love one of these.)

[They carefully select a finely carved figurine and purchase it.]

Narrator: With their gift in hand, bitoklo and twally headed home, their hearts full of joy and satisfaction.[Closing shot of twally and bitoklo walking side by side, the sun setting behind them.]

Narrator: For in the town of Cervantes, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the friendship of twally and bitoklo shone brightly, a reminder that true friendship knows no bounds.

By. Janice Banasan