Script in Palidan Lake

Narrator: Long long time ago in Sitio Pasnadan, there was a beautiful farm that where people going to work in the rice fields for their lifestyle.Among the many rice fields, there is one rice field where there is a swamp in the middle. It is also surrounded by rice fields and mountains.It has clean and clear water where the domesticated animals can drink from.

Galingan: Sumalolong ka edwani sat inka man obla ed payaw.

(Translate: Go to the farm now to work in rice field.)

Victo: Aa aw kod ta amey ak ta dwan ko ipainom san alaga ta baka sidi da.

(Translate: Okay I’ll will go so someone can take care and provide water for our cattle there.)

Narrator: Her husband goes to the field. And work for their lifestyle. After a while he gave their pet buffalo for something to drink.

Victo: Ta ek Alan kayman kod din nowang tannay engay alas dose.

(Translate: Ohh yes I almost forgot. I will get the buffalo there because its already 12.00.)

Narrator: But when he arriv he shocked what he saw because many of eel will swimming in the swamp. And he rushed to get the eel.

Victo: Ta ek et adi Alan Dadi sat wada di isida s awni no sumaa.

(Translate: I go to get them for a dish when I home.)

Narrator: But when he get some of the eel he couldn’t get even only one. He got angry and he get the buffalo to turn around untill there was a daze eel.

Victo: Amey kot Alan din ay sangik adey sat ikabil ko nan dinpap ko ay dalit anay da.

(Translate: ohh, I will get also the sangi to put the eel that I caught.)

Narrator: He decided to rest for a while, while he resting he saw one small stone to sharp his bolo. When he has done to sharp his bolo he got also his sangi to go home.

Narrator:As the days passed, the people didn’t realize that the swamp was expanding and growing wider.This swamp destroyed the surrounding areas such as rice fields, mountains, and others that were around it.The people didn’t notice that the swamp will become a lake.They took care of it and as time went by, they decided to put some tilapia, clams, snails, and others.

Submitted by: Imee rose LangihonSubmitted to: Sir Julius Jay B. Daskeo Jr.