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tognai created the topic: BULLYING
Gaspar, Jessie Jr., Maglang, Lynar D., Salbio, Marie mar

BULLYING “If you want to have a happy life, first learn to love not to BULLY” Bullying refers to any sever or any electronic expression or a physical act or gesture or any combination thereof, directed at another student that has effects. It has four types: physical, social, cyber and verbal bullying. Hurting someone’s body or possessions liking kicking, hitting taking or breaking someone’s thing considered as bullying which called SOCIAL BULLYING.

Hurting someone’s reputation or relationship, spreading rumors and embarrassing someone’s in public are also called VERBAL BULLYING. Saying or writing mean things like teasing, name calling, threatening are kinds or CYBER BULLYING. Takes place using electronic technology like sharing embarrassing pictures video, or fake profiles.

We support the implemented Republic Act no. 10627 or the anti-bullying act of 2013. Bullying must be stopped. Many people especially young ones who suffer from bullying lose their self confidence; they separate themselves from other people and worst those who can’t handle their emotions commit suicide.

All of us are the same; we feel pain, embarrassment and all of us have the right to be free, to be safe and to be loved that’s why think first of the consequences of your action or others feelings or what will happen to you if you were in their position before you bully others or better yet do not try to bully. Do not take away their happiness and lives.

We are all born equal. The lord gives us equal love and rights so who are we to treat others wrongly while they only wanted to be long in the society, to be accepted we don’t have the right to steal their happiness, to destroy their lives and ends their dreams.

Even you say “it’s only a prank, a joke or not intentionally” but, does’ a joke intend to make life happy? And not to hurt others? Because if you bully without realizing it or you know but you don’t care.

Bullies are the devil who stab a bullied’ health and leave the deepest scar while those who help will be welcome in their lives as a savior. Don’t be the devil they think you are instead be a hero the Lord wish you to be; to help the weak, not to bully.

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